California born, dreaming of rain and snow, I look into nature to inspire imagination and am drawn to the blurred lines between document and dream. Studying cinematography at the AFI Conservatory after working in still photography, music and theatre made me curious about playing with format and mixing media in order to evoke emotional visual landscapes. I love working with puppets, animation, and in camera effects to create unique worlds, as well as pure documentary and vérité camerawork. 


Sara is a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory with a degree in Cinematography and an alumna of the Berlinale Talents. Awards include the Women in Film Scholarship for Directing, Panavision's New Filmmaker Grant, the Kodak/Kickstarter Emerging Filmmaker Grant, the American Documentary Film Fund Award, and the Bridges/Larsen Scholarship for Socially Responsible Filmmaking. 

"Refusing to Ghost," a 16mm feature documentary about a Gold Rush town, is Sara's feature debut as director/DP, co-written and co-produced with her partner, Chris Dennis. Currently in post-production, the film was been selected for the 2018 Berlinale Project Lab and IFP Project Forum.

       Fairy tales, hairy tales, children on the run, lovers on the run, runners on the run, rumors of a gun, hitting home, flying home, lonely hearts, lonely hunters. Floating weeds, sumptuous flowers, voices in the water, heart music from space, a ring in her ear and a fly in your beer. Ghosties, gullumphs, buffoons, mad monks, kings and punks, jesters and skunks. There isn’t a soul you couldn’t learn to love if you only heard their story, and we all get to meet at the movies. 

Equipment Owned: Super 16mm Arri SR3 package, Arri SR116mm camera, Hasselblad Medium Format