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My Secret Power
Stop Motion Music Video for Fredo Viola

 Created by Sara Ross-Samko & Rose Fadem-Johnston

as Tiny Shed Films

Refusing to Ghost - Feature Documentary 

In Production - Super 16mm

Produced by Chris Dennis & Sara Ross-Samko


Live Action + Stop Motion Short 

Format: Super 16mm + Handcrank Camera

As Long As You Watch My Heart

Stop Motion Music Video

Music Video for Penny Police

Written  & Directed by Aaron Martinez

Production Design by Kit Stolen

Animation by Nick D'Agosto

Music by Mark Orton

Cinematography by Sara Ross-Samko

Starring Doug Jones

Cineamtography by Sara Ross-Samko


Directed by Jacob Lundgaard Andersen

Production Design by Aashrita Kamath

Edited by Dan Myers

Animation by Ellen Coons & Natalie James 

Additional Animation by Sara Ross-Samko & Jacob Lundgaard Andersen



Music Video for Penny Police

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